About Upleta Memon Association

In view of the real hardship and great difficulties experienced by memon immigrants from UPLETA (India) to Pakistan, the need for immediate setting up of an organization for the betterment of their lot could hardly be underestimated.

In order to organize such immigrants and the entire memon community of Dhoraji, especially in social and economic spheres of lives, and safeguard and further their interest in all walks of life, it was unanimously decided to establish this organization – UPLETA ASSOCIATION

The memons of Upleta now living in Pakistan, shall always indebted to the following Founder Members for their services and sacrifice towards the welfare and the progress of the Community. They served this cause with dignity, total dedication and absolute integrity:

Upleta Association is a community based social, charitable and relief giving institution. It was established in 1951 and registered under the societies Registration Act 1860 and later under the voluntary Social and welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance XI, VI of 1961. Upelta Association is parent body of Upleta Community and serving its members in all walks of life and providing assistance in education, health and other sectors.